Gojeo is the best way to 10x your contact management capabilities, from leads through to your best clients.



All your Communication in one place

Gojeo brings all your communications together, ensuring your contact communications are more efficient and effective than they’ve ever been before.






Instant messaging, video chat, SMS^ and phone calls^, social media and emails. Gojeo lets you manage all communications from one place, helping you keep track of conversations and ensure they lead to the most productive outcomes.

^ Coming Soon



# #

Get more customers

Use Gojeo Discover to search the web for the leads you need to become prospects and then customers. Manage the entire contact life cycle with Gojeo.


make more sales

There are only so many hours in the day and Gojeo hopes you get so much more out of every one of them. Use our tools to 10x your contact management effectiveness.


spend less time

Gojeo helps you get results fast. Invest a small amount of time on set up, then the process of finding prospects or managing contacts is either automated or very light tough.


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4 Ways Gojeo Lets You Do More Business, Better

  • Fast and easy prospecting
  • Quick and timely support
  • A single location multiple sources
  • Contact history at a glance




Organise business without even trying

With a file for each prospect, all the information you need is always at your fingertips. And not just contact details – you can make appointments, record notes, assign follow-up times and even get in touch immediately via Skype, all from the same central dashboard.


Plug your business directly into the biggest lead-gen network on Earth

Because GoJeo works inside Facebook, you can keep your lead-gen and lead-management in one place – increasing your efficiency even over normal CRMs.


Close more deals, faster

When you have all the key information stored in one central place, everything stays updated and you can easily track progress. This means when you're closing a deal, you're never missing that one vital bit of info that turns a lost fish into a landed sale


Give yourself more time for what really matters

A quality CRM doesn't just let you get more done faster – it lets you systemise your whole lead-management process. And when a process is easy to systemise, it's easy to get new staff up to speed, letting your business expand while you focus on driving sales.


Get known for amazing customer support

With every customer's details in one central location, you can deal with any problem quickly – easing your workload, giving your business an excellent reputation, and providing a service so efficient your customers will never want to leave.


Keep on the move without leaving your business behind

iPhone and Android apps are included, so you can keep your finger on the pulse wherever you are in the world. Everything you can do from your desktop computer, you can do from your phone.

Gojeo ‘Core’ plus Four Modules

Our modules give enhanced capabilities taking Gojeo deeper into core functionality verticals as it delivers for your business.



Email Client

Manage your emails in a single location. Gmail, Outlook, IMAP and more. All communications together.


Contact History

See at a glance all your touch points with a contact, from email threads to Stripe transactions.


Tasks & To-Do

Create tasks or to-dos for yourself or team members to ensure the team stays focussed.


Video Meetings

Quick, easy and rock-solid video meetings for up to 6 people. Low latency, and recorded.


Public Calendar

Create and manage a public calendar to make it easier than ever to book time with your contacts.


Social Networks

See your social media activity directly within the Gojeo dashboard, and individual contact engagement.


IM Networks

Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack and more all together in native Gojeo Connect.



Embed the Gojeo Engage widget on your website and speak with your customers when they visit.



Use Gojeo Discover to automate your prospecting processes, adding new leads to Gojeo daily.



Use Engage to revolutionise communications with your customers and prospects. Embed our widget on your website and communicate directly with visitors via the desktop app or your favourite IM client.

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Connect is the perfect tool for quick and easy communications with your contacts. Use the instant messaging functionality, or our ultra-low latency video communications (meetings can also be recorded).

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Gojeo Projects is the best way to manage your workload, either around defined projects (with ‘Tasks’) or your personal to do list. Projects also includes our ‘Sales’ CRM tool which lets you visualise and manage your pipeline.



Discover is the ultimate tool for finding new prospects (and ultimately customers) with minimal input from you! Set up automated processes whereby your key prospects are identified and added to your lists.

Gojeo Third Party Integrations

Gojeo integrates with a growing variety of third party platforms to extend its functionality and increase the universe of contact information you can see at a glance in Gojeo.


Check our Integrations page to see more.


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Get More Customers

Make More Sales

Spend Less Time